We rescue. We recycle. We give back.

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Green Development LLC is founded on the idea that waste is a design flaw. In nature nothing is wasted, and in order to preserve the natural habitat in which we live, and to make our economy more efficient, we at Green Development aspire to save homes, and structures that would otherwise be destroyed and sent to landfills. These structures include flood damaged properties that need to be cleared away for levies and park space, historic buildings in the way of new development, and valuable, usable structures of all types that need to be moved due to hospital expansion, road widening, and needs associated with developing cities.

At Green Development LLC we are pioneering techniques to save these properties, and to date have saved 3 flood damaged buildings in Iowa City, a 110 year old duplex in historic Iowa City, and are in negotiations to save 6 homes in Waterloo, 12 homes in Mason City, 2 apartment complexes, and a large stucco home in Cedar Rapids. To date every project attempted has been successful, up to code, and completed on time.

Tens of thousands of dollars of savings have been realized by participating city governments, also hundreds of tons of waste has been diverted from the landfill, thousands of trees saved, many jobs provided to local contracts, and quality homes provided to local residents.